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Small Press

The Small Press section of the Exhibits Hall is intended for small, self-published webcomics, doujinshi circles, aspiring manga-ka and other artists that are either too large for the Artist Alley, or who would enjoy the extra space and added security of the Exhibits Hall.

In order to qualify for the small press area, you must fit into the following criteria:

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please submit an application for review. Booth space is limited, so please be sure all information is correct and up-to-date before submitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small Press?
Small Press is a section of the Exhibits hall dedicated to the hard-working, self-publishing sector of the manga and comic book world. Webcomics, self-published manga, comics and books cover artists, and doujinshi circles are all excellent candidates for a small press booth.

Is there a Jury Process?
Unlike the Artist Alley, we do jury submissions to the Small Press section for content only. We want to make sure that anyone that gets a booth in this section fits all the criteria. No applicants will be turned away based on artistic ability or personal aesthetics.

How much is it?
Small Press is $350 for a 10x10 ft booth and two badges to the convention. A limited amount of endcaps are available for $50 more.

Where is it located?
Inside the Exhibits Hall

Can I get more than one booth?
Small Press is limited to one booth per group.

I only sell fanart, is that ok?
While artists in Small Press may sell fanart, it cannot be their focus. Fan artists are more than welcome in the Artist Alley, however.

This sounds like something I'd be interested in, how do I apply?
Send an e-mail to Exhibits Hall with the following information:
Name/ Name of group:
What you sell: (try to be as complete as possible, including fanart and handmade goods)
Links to your comic, manga, artbook etc.
Lacking this, please attach photos of your work to the email.

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