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Congratulations to all of our wonderful volunteer staff on a successful Sakura-Con 2015! You all put in a tremendous amount of work and should be very proud of what we accomplished as a team. We grew in many new ways, tried new things, learned some new things, and kept pushing forward to make Sakura-Con the best convention we could. Now that the convention is over, I hope you are able to rest and recover to renew your spirit for Sakura-Con 2016. I will see you all at the election ceremony and staff awards! Best wishes.

Christopher M. B. Louck
Your Friendly Neighborhood Convention Chair


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Sakura-Con 2016 Staff Elections

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This year we will be electing the following positions at the staff-only elections meeting:

  • Sakura-Con Chair
  • Sakura-Con Secretary
  • Sakura-Con Director of Publicity
  • Sakura-Con Director of Relations

Please see Sakura-Con 2016 Staff Elections for lists of the current candidates with their running status, introductions (if they choose to provide one), and contact information if you are unable to attend the election meeting and would like to ask the candidates questions prior to sending your absentee vote — Staff voting details will be in the Staff section shortly.

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