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The Cosplay Contest includes skits performed by fans in costume, as well as walk-on masquerade performances. It is tentatively scheduled to take place Saturday evening. Judging will take place during the rehearsal meeting and the live performance. Winners will be announced at the end of the event.

All audio for performances must be pre-recorded. There will be recording facilities available at the convention, but you are encouraged to submit your soundtrack ahead of time via the website. However, if you submit your soundtrack online, please bring a backup copy to the convention.

It is recommended that walk-on performers submit music related to their costume, such as game or anime theme songs. For any skits which involve both speaking and music or sound effects, we recommend that entrants record separate tracks and submit those along with the finished soundtrack to aid in re-mastering of sound for the performance.

It is strongly recommended that all entrants competing in the Costume categories bring reference pictures (preferably photocopies or other items that do not need to be returned) with them to give to the judges.

Rules for the Sakura-Con Cosplay Contest are subject to change without notice. While we will attempt you keep you abreast of any changes via the Sakura-Con website, these changes may occur at any time! For all questions, suggestions, issues, confirmation requests, or offers of help regarding the Sakura-Con 2010 Cosplay/Masquerade please contact the Cosplay Coordinator at

There are also other costume events, like photoshoots, fashion shows, costume workshops, and hall cosplay awards.

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