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Erik Scott Kimerer

Erik Scott KimererErik Scott Kimerer is a voice actor from Edmonds, WA. You can hear him as Alibaba in "Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic," Haruyuki Arita in "Accel World," Ducker in "Sword Art Online," Joven Glacius in "Heroes of Newerth," one of the Black Egrets in "Skullgirls," and many more. Starting as a fan of anime and video games, he began lessons under a veteran Japanese voice actress in the Japanese style of dubbing. He attended his first convention performing a live demonstration with his classmates at Sakura-con 2005. He graduated with a Bachelor's in Theatre Arts from the University of Puget Sound and moved to California shortly after. Years later, Erik is excited to return to his home state and the convention that started it all for him.


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