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Mami Koyama

Mami KoyamaSince her debut in the NHK Youth Drama live action show Kiyoko wa Nakumonka (Kiyoko Won't Cry) actress Mami Koyama has been a highly praised voice actress and is credited as one of fandom's leading Seiyus. She's won the "most highly praised voice actress" in various radio shows and anime magazines for consecutive years running. She is highly prolific with many titles to her credit. Some of her best-known voice roles include: Arale Norimaki in Dr. Slump, Minky Momo in Mahou no Princess Minky Momo, Kei in Akira, Lunch in Dragon Ball, Chiyoko Fujiwara (adult) in Millenium Actress and Ryoko Mendou in Uresei Yatsura. Please be sure to see her full credit list on AnimeNewsNetwork or visit her site at


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