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SeattleJapanRelief and Sakura-Con

The earthquake in Japan, along with the tsunamis and aftershocks have stunned us all. ANCEA/Sakura-Con has many friends and family in Japan, and we all hope for their safety.

ANCEA/Sakura-Con has joined SeattleJapanRelief, a collaboration of Japanese American and Japan related cultural, educational and civic organizations standing together to promote relief and recovery following the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan. Please visit our website at:

Any member of ANCEA/Sakura-Con 2011 who donates at least $10.00 to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief AND brings their receipt to Sakura-Con 2011 can receive a small collectible "thank you" gift from ANCEA and our sponsors (tbd).

To receive your "Thank You" gift, you must present a valid receipt which shows your name and the name of the organization you've donated to. Please donate at One "Thank You" gift, per member while supplies last.

Please direct any specific questions about this ANCEA/Sakura-Con "Thank You", to